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General Agric Partnership ltd.

Oil Processing and Packaging starts with oil trading.

 We do our own sourcing and originating to ensure the quality of our products.
Trading also allows our production process to remain efficient.

Oil Refining

Oil Refining gives edible oils the characteristics desired by consumers; such as flavor, odor, appearance, color, stability to oxidation and suitability for frying.

We ensure perfection at each step to provide the best quality of edible oils & vegetable fats according to our food safety certifications and standards to meet the Egyptian and international consumer’s needs, demands and taste.


Generalagric is able to produce, package and fill over 1,200,000 PET bottles of oil a day, 200 metric tons/ day of vegetable ghee packed in 2kg PET jars, as well as, produce and sell bulk and packaged shortening in 25kg cartons (bag in box).


Our products come in diverse packages and sizes depending on the needs of our customers.


Utilizing our own distribution fleet that covers all of Egypt; we ensure that all customer orders are delivered on time.


We can export to different countries around the world.